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Weighted counter-balance reduces muscle strain in your neck and shoulders when you work with your hands. Proven to reduce muscle shearing and compression forces in low, middle, and upper back muscles which lead to fatigue and pain.

Use it sitting or standing whenever working with your arms and hands in front of you. Also recommended for spinal conditions which may benefit from weight transference, to encourage extension, and for osteoporosis.

Well tolerated by oseoporotic and arthritic patients.


  • 2 lb. weighted counter-balance with adjustable straps.
  • Comes with additional 1 lb, detachable weight. The more weight you use, the lighter your workload will feel.
  • Made in USA


  • There are two main components to spinal pain: "Load" & "Posture". "Load" is the weight one puts through his/her spine and "Posture" refers to the curve of the spine. Conventional cushions can only improve one's "Posture". The Body-Rite Posture Pleaser reduces the effect of "Load".
  • When you stand or sit with your arms and hands extended in front of you, your line of gravity moves forward. The muscles in your upper back try to keep your shoulders from rotating forward. Over a period of time these muscles tire and pain can result. Body-Rite™ acts as a counter balance to this movement. It helps you equalize your center-line of gravity in the upper torso, thereby relieving some of the muscle strain.
  • The counter-balance is most effective for active, reaching tasks, like doing the dishes, gardening, crafts, carpentry, etc. It is less effective when you work with your hands close to your body, for example, typing on a keyboard.


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  • Use the Body-Rite™ when you are actively reaching; Remove it when you will be inactive for a period of time.
    For women under 140 lbs.start with 2 lb. of weight. Wear for 30 minutes to an hour and add another 1 lb. if needed.

    For women over 140 lbs.use 3 lb. of weight for 30 minutes to an hour. If you begin to feel fatigue or discomfort, remove 1 lb. of weight.

    For men start with 3 lb. of weight. If after a short time you feel it’s too heavy, remove 1 lb. of weight. If you feel 3 lbs is too light….don’t be concerned – Body-Rite™ is doing its job.


    The higher the Body-Rite™ is worn, the greater the counter-balance effect. Slide the buckles up or down until the straps are at the desired length.

    In a chair, the Body-Rite™ can be adjusted lower for use as a lumbar roll.

    When standing, the Body-Rite™ can be worn at the most comfortable height.

    The Transverse Strap (the short strap in the back) helpshold the straps from slipping off the shoulders in the back. You may also use it in the front to prevent chafing from the straps.


    The first time you use Body-Rite™, wear it for not more than 2 hours, then remove it for 30 minutes to one hour. If you feel discomfort or fatigue during or after wearing Body-Rite™, don’t be discouraged, it will take some time for your body to adjust. Some people are able to wear the unit for extended periods of time while others need to take it off throughout the day. Your body will let you know which is best for you.

    BodyRite Posture Pleaser Instructions
  1. Always get competent medical advice if back pain persists.
  2. Use this product under the guidance of your physician.
  3. If pain persists or increases, discontinue use of the product.
  4. Use only in conjunction with a total program of good back care, proper posture, exercise and medical direction.
  5. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN; NOT A TOY: Improper application of elastic straps can cut off air flow through the windpipe or can cut off blood flow to parts of the body, causing injury or even death.
  6. Read instructions before use and use only as directed.
  7. Do not dry or heat Body-Rite™ in microwave!

Because there can be many causes of back pain and fatigue, and because the manufacturer of this product cannot control the use or the purpose to which it is put, the sole obligation of the manufacturer shall be to replace this part if defective, and the manufacturer shall not be liable to the purchaser or user for any injury, loss, or damage direct or consequential, arising from the use of this product. User assumes all risks of harm in using this product and should use it in conjunction with timely medical advice and proper total back care, exercise and good posture. No warranty, expressed or implied, is given by the manufacturer unless required by the state in which the product is purchased.

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