Multipurpose Top for Ergo Desk Stand-up Desk *DEMO SALE*
For use as an elevated, flat surface on the Ergo Desk Stand-Up Desk.
Replacement Cover for BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn
Padded OEM replacement cover for the BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn.
Ergo Desk Stand-Up Desk Podium Base *DEMO SALE*
Place a riser under your desktop writing slope to convert it into a podium for reading, writing & presenting while standing. Compatible with the ErgoDesk Classic and ErgoDesk Designer.
Multirite *DEMO SALE*
Unique two-in-one document holder and writing slope helps reduce workday aches and pains by allowing you to read, write or type without risking awkward twists or turns. In 3 sizes.
Lil' Deskmate *DEMO SALE*
Rolling wood table can be used as a mobile laptop desk, keyboard tray, reading stand, writing slope, or overbed table. Adjustable height and tilt ease neck and back strain.
Back Jack
Classic Back-A-Line Back Belt with cotton lining. Lumbar stabilizing support with patented anatomic lumbar pad in a non-elastic belt improves spinal mechanics and posture. SALE - Closeout discontinued style.
Smart Glove, Left, Large (old-style)
Comfortable cotton Lycra sleeve has a moldable pellet-filled pad to support your wrist for keyboard, laptop, and mouse tasks. SALE! Closeout.
WorkRite Poise Twin Monitor Adapter Bracket
Dual monitor mount bracket converts WorkRite Poise Heavy Duty Monitor Arm to support two LCD flat panel monitors up to 18-1/2 pounds each.
Smart Sleeve / All-in-One Laptop Stand and Carry Case
An innovative protective laptop case that unfolds instantly into a multi-angle ergonomic laptop stand. Optional &quot'always on&quot' attachment of your laptop to the stand. Zipper closure secures your keyboard and mouse inside the sleeve. Checkpoint friendly. SALE! Closeout.
Smart Shell / All-In-One Laptop Stand and Carry Sleeve
An innovative protective laptop shell that transforms in seconds into a multi-angle ergonomic laptop stand. Optional "always on" attachment of your laptop to the stand. Checkpoint friendly. SALE! Closeout.