Hager Bambach Saddle Stool with Backrest * DEMO SALE *
A Bambach Saddle Seat made especially for dental professionals. Relieves pain, reduces fatigue, corrects posture, increases mobility, and improves circulation.
Soma Saddle MBn Mid-back *DEMO SALE*
Customizable, premium quality saddle chair with a fully adjustable low-height Mbn backrest and adjustable seat tilt
Multipurpose Top for Ergo Desk Stand-up Desk *DEMO SALE*
For use as an elevated, flat surface on the Ergo Desk Stand-Up Desk.
Replacement Cover for BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn *WAREHOUSE SALE*
Padded OEM replacement cover for the BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn.
Multirite *DEMO SALE*
Unique two-in-one document holder and writing slope helps reduce workday aches and pains by allowing you to read, write or type without risking awkward twists or turns. In 3 sizes.
Locus Leaning Seat with Anti-Fatigue Mat *DEMO SALE*
Locus Seat doesn't have you sit or stand. It helps you discover the perfect in-between position.
Mobis I Leaning Seat * DEMO SALE *
Mobis, the adjustable height, lean-into seat and perfect partner for any standing desk.
Smart Glove, Left, Large (old-style) * CLOSEOUT SALE *
Comfortable cotton Lycra sleeve has a moldable pellet-filled pad to support your wrist for keyboard, laptop, and mouse tasks.
Replacement Cover for BetterRest Spine Reliever Bed Wedge
Soft terry velour replacement cover for the BetterRest Spine Reliever Bed Wedge. Washable.
Comfort Rider Seat Cushion * WAREHOUSE SALE *
Comfort and support for pressure-free seating in vehicles. Anatomical contour and memory foam relieve sitting fatigue and pressure on long drives. Shaped specifically for bucket seats but also fits many chairs. Optional coccyx cutout.