Hager Bambach Saddle Stool with Backrest * DEMO SALE *
A Bambach Saddle Seat made especially for dental professionals. Relieves pain, reduces fatigue, corrects posture, increases mobility, and improves circulation.
Soma Saddle MBn Mid-back *DEMO SALE*
Customizable, premium quality saddle chair with a fully adjustable low-height Mbn backrest and adjustable seat tilt
Multipurpose Top for Ergo Desk Stand-up Desk *DEMO SALE*
For use as an elevated, flat surface on the Ergo Desk Stand-Up Desk.
Replacement Cover for BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn * WAREHOUSE SALE *
Padded OEM replacement cover for the BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn.
Ergo Desk Stand-Up Desk Podium Base *DEMO SALE*
Place a riser under your desktop writing slope to convert it into a podium for reading, writing & presenting while standing. Compatible with the ErgoDesk Classic and ErgoDesk Designer.
Multirite *DEMO SALE*
Unique two-in-one document holder and writing slope helps reduce workday aches and pains by allowing you to read, write or type without risking awkward twists or turns. In 3 sizes.
Lil' Deskmate *DEMO SALE*
Rolling wood table can be used as a mobile laptop desk, keyboard tray, reading stand, writing slope, or overbed table. Adjustable height and tilt ease neck and back strain.
Locus Leaning Seat with Anti-Fatigue Mat * DEMO SALE *
Locus Seat doesn't have you sit or stand. It helps you discover the perfect in-between position.
Mobis I Leaning Seat * DEMO SALE *
Mobis, the adjustable height, lean-into seat and perfect partner for any standing desk.
Classic Back-A-Line Back Belt with cotton lining. Lumbar stabilizing support with patented anatomic lumbar pad in a non-elastic belt improves spinal mechanics and posture.