Established in July 1997, Jobri manufactures ergonomic back supports, ergonomic chairs, orthopedic soft goods and a range of sleep and comfort related products, with distribution to retail stores, home health-care distributors and medical companies throughout the USA and many international countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Jobri F1442 / F1445 / F1448 Solace Kneeling Chair
Simple and popular, helping you to sit up straight. By easing the hips forward, it encourages an upright posture, aligning the back, shoulders and neck. Also available with visco-elastic material. Optional backrest. Gas lift height adjustment.
Jobri F1446 Jazzy Kneeling Chair with Back
Kneeling chair with a backrest. Easy height adjustment and visco-elastic memory foam for comfort.
Jobri F1448BK Backrest for Solace Kneeling Chair
Backrest for the popular Solace (F1442) and Solace Plus (F1445) Kneeling Chairs.
Jobri F1450 Classic Height-Adjustable Kneeling Chair
A quality kneeling chair that eases the hips forward to encourage an upright posture, aligning the back, shoulders and neck.
Jobri F1455 Classic Plus Height-Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Memory Foam
Visco-elastic foam on a quality kneeling chair eases the hips forward to encourage an upright posture, aligning the back, shoulders and neck.
Jobri BP1465 BetterPosture Saddle Chair
A comfortable saddle seat at a budget price. Ideal for home use. Adjustable seat tilt encourages upright posture and strengthens core muscles.
BetterBack BB1000 ErgoSeat with Lumbi Pad
Multi-purpose, anatomically-contoured sitting support with integrated backrest and seat. Durable wood internal frame.
BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn with LumbiPad
The same anatomically-contoured, wood-framed back rest found on the popular BetterBack® support.
BetterPosture BP1001 Standard Seat Wedge, Small
A versatile wedge to change your chair seat angle, or to lift you to a more comfortable angle in a deep bucket car seat. 15"W x 10.5"D. Height slopes from 2" to 3/4".
BetterPosture BP1000 Standard Seat Wedge, Large
Seat wedge made of resilient foam. 17"W x 16"D. Height slopes from 2.5" to 1".
BetterPosture BP1002 Sacro Wedge Plus
17"W x 16"D x 3"-1"H. Foam seat wedge with coccyx cut-out. Includes carry handle.
BetterPosture BP1003 Sacro Wedge, Small
18"W x 13"D x 3"-1"H. Foam seat wedge with coccyx cut-out. Includes carry handle.
BetterPosture BP1007 Firm Seat Wedge, Small
Seat wedge made of resilient supportive rebound polyurethane foam. Perforations in the foam improve ventilation and breathability. 13.75"W x 13.75"D. Height slopes from 2.5" to 1".
BetterRest Traditional Gentle Memory Pillow
Space age memory foam pillow gently cradles your head and neck in comfort. Huggable shredded vicroelastic foam conforms to your individual shape.
BetterRest Adjustable Memory Pillow
Three variable density foam inserts allow the Betterneck Adjustable Cervical Pillow to accommodate your personal support needs.
BetterRest Deluxe Memory Pillow
Anatomically shaped viscoelastic memory pillow contours to the head and neck for comfort.
BetterRest Spine Reliever Bed Wedge
This contoured bed wedge has soft pressure-relieving memory foam and an adjustable neck pad for luxurious support and comfort. Two positions help ease back and neck ache while reading or sleeping.
BetterRest Memory Leg Rest
This comfortable leg wedge has a layer of soft pressure-relieving memory foam over a solid base of polyurethane foam for support and comfort. Helpful for back pain, phlebitis, varicose veins, and swollen feet (edema).
Replacement Cover for Bed Wedge
Replacement cover for the Bed Wedge. 100% cotton. Zippered closure. In three sizes.
Spine Reliever 54" Body Pillow
4'5" long full-length body pillow provides versatile multi-purpose support for sleeping or lounging. Ideal for the expectant mother and for back pain sufferers.
Replacement Cover for BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn
Padded OEM replacement cover for the BetterBack BB1050 Ergoseat LeanOn.