High Profile Bell Glide



(a.k.a. Stationary Glides, Paws)

A caster glide allows a chair to slide, but it cannot roll. A foot replaces the caster to keep the chair stationary. High profile glides convert an office chair with casters to a stationary chair without losing chair height.

Glides are used for work requiring very controlled hand manipulation or fine dexterity, for example, medical and laboratory work or playing a musical instrument. Some jobs, such as operating a sewing machine, require use of a foot or knee to operate the machine, making chairs with wheels impractical.

  • Made of high impact modified polyamide 6.
  • Non-marking and non-abrasive.
  • 2.17" (55 mm) high. This is the same height as a typical office chair caster.
  • Universal mounting stem fits most, but not all, office chairs.
    11mm (1/3") D x 19mm (3/4") L


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  • A higher profile glide increases chair height. Remember to consider this if seat height is critical.


11mm (1/3") diameter;
19mm (3/4") long.

  • Please check your chair specifications prior to order.
    Friction ring stem is compatible with most, but not all, task chairs and stools.
  • Universal mounting stem:
    11mm (1/3") D x 19mm (3/4") L
  1. Turn the chair on its side.
  2. If you have strong hands, you can remove castors by pulling. Otherwise you may need a lever, for example, a chisel or a screwdriver which you place between the castor and the chair base. If the castor stem remains caught in the base, grip the stem with pliers and pull it out. You may need to tap the pliers with a hammer until the stem loosens.
  3. Push the new castor or glide into place.
  • Sticky casters can usually be remedied with a thorough cleaning to remove accumulations of hair and debris in the caster wheels. If after cleaning the casters still do not turn easily, they should be replaced.
Brand: Health By Design
Item #: 6-CS-GL-055

Price is for one (1) caster. Order a quantity of five (5) casters for a typical 5-star chair base.

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