Comfort and perfect posture on a bar stool? You bet.
Our saddle stools are ergonomically designed for counter-height seating.

Move Stool
Experience optimal energy and spinal alignment in a supported standing posture. Move follows your movement. Comfortable 15" saddle seat.
Bambach Saddle Seat
Australian saddle design insures perfect posture even when you lean forward to work. Anatomical seat contour stabilizes the pelvis for effortless postural control. Sizes for adults and children.
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Salli Swing
The Salli Swing rocks and tilts in every direction for healthy freedom of movement. Patented divided seat relieves tailbone pressures and improves genital health for men and women.
Salli Twin Care
Basic version of Salli Twin saddle chair. Anatomical 2-part seat cools and relieves sitting pressures for improved health and posture. Suitable for men and women.
Salli Classic
The original Finnish saddle design. The one-piece seat is preferred primarily by women. Salli Classic fits both slight and stocky body types.