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Retirement happens. We're winding down our store business. But don't panic! Most of our products are available elsewhere, and we'll help you find them. Just browse to any product and click on the "Purchase" tab. If we are sold out you will see a link to an alternate supplier. We plan to keep the Back Designs website available indefinitely as a consumer resource.

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Get stronger on a saddle seat

All of us at Back Designs use a saddle-seat as our primary work chair, both in the office and in the factory. Why? Because we feel better and work better in a saddle.

The riding-style open hip posture relieves back pain, improves leg circulation, aids deeper breathing, and trains balance and strength. Saddle sitting also helps us reach and bend with less strain.

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Healthy posture on a Salli Saddle Chair



Your body follows your eyes.

In this case, poor sitting posture is caused by a desk that is too low. Before you blame your chair for your poor posture, make sure your desk is at the correct height.

Do you really need a new chair?

Look again at your desk height and the placement of your computer, papers, and keyboard. If your hand tasks and visual target are in the wrong place you can suffer from bad posture even in the best chair.

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